Salvi Moreno

Salvi Moreno (born 1979) is a singer, songwriter and music producer born in Malaga, Spain. He began writing and playing as a teenager influenced by rock bands such as Pearl Jam, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and U2.
He started his solo career in 2009 recording “The Tribe without fingers”, a powerful sound album with American influences, which received extensive  media play and critical acclaim from Spanish press, followed by a tour started in Spain in the famous Echegaray Theater.

In 2011, he moved to the UK and recorded his second album “All humans are living on the moon” reaching a personal rock sound.Having released “All humans are living on the moon” in November 2011, Salvi Moreno  received widespread UK -Spain radio and TV  support , being invited to play a number of live radio sessions.

is actively touring and performing in media to support its release in the UK and Spain.
Salvi has performed with international artists such as: Lenny Kravitz (2005), Elton john (2005), Bonie M (2010) in music festivals, including the London Natural History Museum (2013) , Sundance Music and Film festival at the London O2 (2014), Coldplay Charity exhibition opening at London Proud Camden (2012).



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